About us

Who are we?

Mollans started out as an honesty shed in Shawbost in 2018. We are Rachel and Julie Child, 2 people who came over to this amazing island in 2017 with a desire to become part of our community. 

In 2019 we built the Mollans Rainbow Shed next to our home where our daughter joined us for work experience.  Having listened to our previous fish and chip customers we decided to build a chip shop and sell our wonderful hot food.

Why the rainbow?

As you arrive at our home you will see the Pride Flag dancing in the wind.  The flag not only has the usual pride colours but also colours signifying transgender, Black Lives Matter and Asexual. 

The point of the flag is to symbolise unity, understanding and tolerance.  We are a safe pace for everyone to come to.  We do not care what colour you are, what your religious beliefs may be, what your gender or sexuality is or anything else really that is none of our business.  We only stipulate one rules ... BE KIND.  Everyone can do that can't they?

Home Made

Pride is not just the flag as above.  Pride is what we feel every time we send out a meal, sell a tub of ice cream, watch someone eating a slice of freshly baked cake or rifling through the fridge and freezer.  We make everything from scratch.  Our fish and chip batter is made to our own secret recipe.  We do not use pre-packed low quality ingredients.  This way we know EXACTLY what is in our food.  

Ethics of Palm Oil

Since doing extensive research when we first started out into the ethics of Palm Oil, whether claimed as "sustainable" or otherwise, we quickly realised that we did not want to be any part of it.  Most margarines used by bakers contain palm oil, as do a majority of biscuits and cakes.  In order for us to remove all palm oil from our cooking means that we use higher quality ingredients like butter or coconut oil etc.  

Allergies and dietary requirements

We have always taken great care with our ingredients to ensure there is little to no chance of cross contamination.  We try to make as much of our food Gluten free as possible. There are a lot of people unable to get fish and chips if they have a gluten intolerance so we made the effort to be as inclusive as we can be.


With Natasha's Law becoming law in late 2021 allergen labelling became even more strict and that can only ever be a good thing.  When we sell you your fish and chips we are able to give you a full ingredient list for any product.  If you buy from the Rainbow shed you will find there will be a sticker which contains every single ingredient inside (including components of other items e.g. Mixed spice).  This is a legal requirement.  In addition to this there is an allergen folder which details the ingredients of all of our products available for you to look through at any point.  Natasha's Law also makes it easier to make informed choices for those of you with an intolerance to a particular ingredient which is not one of the 14 main Allergens.


If you have any specific questions or requests then please contact us.

Furry and feathery family members

As well as Rachel, Julie and Shannon there is a plethora of various animals/birds which form part of our family. 

We have 3 cats - Molly and Marty (Black and white) were born in our bedroom wardrobe to a feral cat and stayed.  Mumma cat did stay too but she sadly disappeared a year later.  We also have Haggis - a brown tabby who was also a stray.  We found him at about 10 weeks of age - a bag of bones and stinky fur.  We think maybe his Mum had died and he was only days from starvation.  

Our most recent addition is Bonnie, a sprocker spaniel born in August 2021.  We are lucky that the sandy beach is only 400 yards from Mollans and she gets plenty of play time on it.

We also have 2 flocks of chickens who give us plenty of eggs, some of which are usually for sale in the Rainbow Shed.

Finally there are 2 areas with our ducks - the enclosed area is the odd-ball area.  One Aylesbury duck, one mandarin duck and a pair of call ducks.  The other area has our little group of Runner ducks/Saxony some of whom are successful in rearing clutches.


We look forward to welcoming you,


Rachel & Julie